Hotel Raumanlinna

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Valtakatu 5, 26100 Rauma
+358 2 83221

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BEST WESTERN Hotel Raumanlinna is located in the very center of Rauma, a brief walk away from the Unesco world heritage site of Old Rauma.


Valtakatu 5

26100 Rauma

Phone: + 358 (0)2 832 21

Fax: + 358 (0)2 8322 2111

E-mail: raumanlinna(at)


Hotli Oy, Business ID: 1464505-3

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Make an inquiry for our hotel here. We will answer as soon as possible. You can make room reservation also through our reservation system from your left. You can also senf feedback to us but we recommend the use of our hotel's feedback systen, link also at your left.

Very clean and friendly.

Rooms are comfortable and meeting room is perfect for small group.
Shower room is modern, but I do miss having a bath at night.

Staff are helpful and welcoming and will go out of their way to provide tea and coffee when asked.

However, breakfast is too similar each morning.

Room Tip: I am unsure of things to do in the area, however Ice Hockey stadium is a10 minute walk.

ColinJackie - TripAdvisor